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"Fierce Spirit Fitness has been a god-send for me. I have been wanting to get back in shape for YEARS! Between working full-time, and running my kids around to dance and sports, I just couldn't find something that worked. I tried working out on my own with videos but that got so stale so quickly and there was no one to help motivate me while there were plenty of distractions to pull me away. I kept hearing about FSF. I messaged Jen and she made it so easy. "We have class tomorrow at O'Dell." She told me what I needed and I started that next day. I was welcomed by the group immediately. A bunch of women, and some men sprinkled in, who want to get to their next level and support others doing the same. I feel amazing! I have energy, I am motivated, and this applies to all areas of life. I'm now starting to meal plan healthier meals. The class times are great for me. I love sweating through a workout and then getting ready for my day. And. if I ever can't make a workout, Jen makes it so easy and sends me a video. I don't know where I would be without FSF! To anyone considering making a positive change, I encourage you to just make that first move. We will walk you through the rest!"

"My experience with FSF is something I never thought I'd be sticking to. I always felt like taking fitness classes would be intimidating. I.WAS.WRONG. Not only did Jen welcome me, but all the other attendees were kind and welcoming too. The experience that I have with FSF is that we all are trying to make better choices for ourselves. We motivate each other. Jen motivates us. I just love that no one class is the same. Sometimes we do cardio, other times arms and core, whatever we are working on, I always leave feeling accomplished. I've lost a substantial amount of weight which is great, but I also like and enjoy that I'm still being challenged. I don't ever want to feel like I've arrived, but instead, being intentional about my day and my choices to continue this road to a better, stronger, and healthier me. Thank you Jen for starting up FSF, it's truly a gift that I give myself and I'm so thankful for you!"

"I reached out to Jen at the lowest point I've felt in a long time. I wasn't feeling good at all. I'm type II diabetic and taking loads of meds to maintain good blood glucose and A1C. I have never been the weight I wanted, but worse was the fact that I felt so down and couldn't really be all in with my boys who are very active. Reaching out to Jen has been the best decision. I'm in my 13th week. I've lost inches, losing weight steadily and feeling more active and fulfilled. I meet with Jen for coaching, join her classes, and she trains me 1:1. My goals were to do sit-ups and pushups not assisted/modified and so far I've met one of those goals. The amount of care, compassion, and dedication Jen gives you keeps the momentum up and makes me feel like I'm worth it. I can't accurately describe all that Jen has given me in confidence and a renewed sense of worth and purpose. Jen is someone I trust, someone that is helping in every aspect of becoming the person I want to be inside and out. I can't thank her enough and only wish I'd had the courage to reach out sooner"

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